that moment when your friends ask if you’d still like The Hobbit and Star Trek if Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman weren’t in them.

what. the. hell.

listen, i’m hugely into Tolkien/LOTR/The Hobbit, and have been waiting for the Star Trek sequel since 2009. the fact that my two favorite actors in the world happen to be in them is the fucking cherry on top.

tired of having to justify just how obsessed with these things i am. i know and that’s what counts. yes, i love it MORE because of Benedict/Martin, but not only because, and I don’t only love Benedict/Martin for being in just these things. why can’t people just like what they like however much they like it for whatever reason they like it and not be questioned?

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    All of this. I’d still be excited as shit for both the Hobbit, which I’ve read twice, and Star Trek, which is my...
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  5. thatssocharlyvonkarma answered: Amen my friend, I loved LOTR when it came out and the first new Star trek but even if my reasons were Martin and Benedict does lessen it?
  6. ishipanarmada answered: EXACTLY!!
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